FLF: Obtaining Visas on Arrival in Brazil

This Flight Level Fact comes straight out of Brazil: do you know which crew members need to have their visas for Brazil prior to take off? Read on to find out!

Most countries around the world allow badged crew members to obtain their visas upon arrival; Brazil, however, will only do this for the operating pilot(s). Even though flight attendants and mechanics/engineers carry company crew member badges and may be considered “flight crew members” elsewhere, the Brazilian authorities do not recognize them as such.

The Brazilian Definition of “Flight Crew Members”
In order to understand and apply this policy to your operations, use this rule of thumb: Brazil defines “flight crew members” as someone who has an issued license that lists the specific aircraft type rating he/she is operating upon arrival; for them, Brazil will issue a visa on arrival. Since flight attendants do not have licenses and mechanics do not have type ratings listed on their licenses, neither can be considered “flight crew members” in Brazilian terms; therefore, they are placed into the category of passengers and, like passengers, they must have obtained their visas prior to take off.

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