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Chris Lapsley
Chief Operating Officer

Office: (828) 233-5076
Mobile: (828) 329-2622

Email: clapsley@VIAglobal.net

Chris Lapsley

Like most people in aviation, Chris has loved everything to do with flight for as long as he can remember. He always wanted to be a Pilot and started taking flight lessons in high school, continuing his training while attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL.

After graduating with his Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical Science with a minor in Aviation Accident Investigation, Chris worked as a Flight Instructor at the Asheville Regional Airport and as a Pilot for a small charter operator. In 1999, he was hired as a First Officer with PSA Airlines, Inc. (US Airways Express) and flew the Dornier 328.While at PSA, he was a member of the Airline Pilot Association (ALPA), the ALPA GO-Team for PSA, and also served in the Master Executive Council as a First Officer Representative. In November 2000, he earned his Airline Transport Pilot license.

When the opportunity arose to widen his scope of knowledge within the aviation industry, Chris seized it and earned his aircraft dispatcher license, becoming a FAR 121 dispatcher with Atlantic Coast Airlines (later to become Independence Air).In 2005, Chris was promoted to an Operations Manager position and when the airline added the Airbus A-319 to their fleet, Chris was instrumental in the certification process.

In November 2009, Chris joined Orion Air Group/Tempus Jets as the manager of their System Operations Center, and later became the vice president of their international flight planning division.

After years of experience in flight operations, both in the cockpit and from system operations, Chris felt like he could provide a unique, personalized service to the international flight crew community and in 2013, he co-founded Ventus International Aviation with Eyan Schreibman and is currently serving as the COO.

Eyan Schreibman
President of Operations & Client Relations

Office: (828) 233-5075
Mobile: (832) 330-6787

Email: eschreibman@VIAglobal.net

Eyan Schreibman

Eyan, a California native, began his aviation experience in 1998 when he joined the United States Navy. There he served as a primary Air Intercept Controller, trusted to be the “eyes and ears” for numerous naval aviators as they were in flight. During the Iraqi War, Eyan performed the additional duties of a Strike Controller, serving not only United States aviators, but Coalition forces as well.

In 2005, Eyan was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy and was eager to develop his aviation knowledge within the civilian sector. He received his aircraft dispatcher license and began working as an international operations coordinator for Air Routing in Houston, Texas (a company acquired by Rockwell Collins in 2009). In this capacity, Eyan had the opportunity to further hone his skills in organizing international flights and began forming lasting relationships with international clients and operating partners throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Eyan transitioned to the east coast to join Aeroflight Solutions where he began working with Chris Lapsley. In 2013, Eyan and Chris founded Ventus International Aviation with the goal of providing personal service and innovative solutions for worldwide clients.