We like to think of ourselves as client advocates who operate on a global level. Toward this end, we work diligently to build and maintain strong relationships with partners all over the world who help us ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. So whether it’s a simple request or something a little more unconventional – we’re always ready to support you and help find the solutions you need for carefree international travel.

Standard Ground Service

Ground handling support is critical to your overall operation and Ventus strives to make sure every service is provided with accuracy and efficiency. We work closely with various agents around the world to arrange reliable, on-demand ground handling in the most diverse locations in the world.

  • Ground Handling and Flight Following
  • Airport Arrival / Departure Slots
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Full Weather Brief
  • Weather Outlook / Special Briefing
  • Catering Arrangements
  • Hotel Inquiry / Quotes

Landing & Overflight Permits

Permits are necessary for safe and legal flight operations and with Ventus’ trusted relationships with various civil aviation authorities around the world, we can offer quick turnaround for all your required permits including those for landings, overflights, and technical stops worldwide.

  • Standard Permits
  • Blanket Mexico Permits
  • Short Notice Permits
  • Special Overflight Permits
  • Cuban Landing Permit
  • Charter Permits
  • Airport PPRs

Customs & Special Requests

Customs and immigration coordination is a key element in successful arrivals & departures in foreign territories. Whether it’s filing an APIS message, arranging inbound or outbound customs, or providing assistance with visas, Ventus will keep your crew and passengers moving seamlessly around the world.

  • US Customs Arrangements
  • eAPIS Notifications
  • US TSA Waiver Arrangements
  • US Border Overflight Exemptions
  • Visa Waiver Program
  • Mexico eAPIS Notifications

Flight Planning & Additional Services

Ventus strives to provide accurate and reliable flight plans that not only comply with Air Traffic Control requirements around the globe, but also fit your unique parameters including flight destinations, aircraft performance, weather conditions, and more. In fact, as leaders in customization, we tailor our entire service offerings to your needs on each specific flight, always ready to advocate on your behalf and, above all, ensure your safety, security, and comfort.

  • Computer Flight Plan
  • Route Development and Planning
  • Trip Quote Estimates
  • Fuel Arrangements
  • UK – General Aviation Report
  • Survival Gear and Raft Arrangements
  • Aircraft Export
  • Misc. Ancillary/Concierge Services